Homemade Peanut Butter

Alright guys….I have finally tried to make homemade peanut butter! I have thought about it, read about it, and talked about, and not I have finally done it! Lol. Again, I’m a procrastinator. I found a 24 oz jar of lightly salted roasted peanuts at Rite Aid on clearance for $1.50…pretty good deal! Plus, I used +up rewards to buy it so it was practically free! Free peanut butter with no hard to pronounce ingredients? Yes, please. So here is what I did:

1.) pour about 12 oz of peanuts into food processor
2.) process for about 5 mins or until the consistency that you want
3.) add powdered sugar/salt/honey etc to taste. I added a small pinch of salt and about two tbsp of sugar. I loved the nutty flavor and didnt want to cover it up with other flavors.

That’s it folks! It’s so good…especially since its free…for me anyway. 😁 Some recipes I read called for added oil but this peanut butter definitely doesn’t need any extra oil or it would be too runny. Enjoy!


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I’m Back

So…. The past two weeks are a prime example of what happens whenever I start a project. I stick with it for a few days and then I miss a day…I think to myself “it’s ok I will do it tomorrow” and I keep telling myself that everyday for weeks! I’m a very accomplished procrastinator and I inherited this gene from my father. (He once decided to tile our kitchen by himself. It took about two years….but it looks fabulous!) Anyway, the point of this post is to let people know I’m not quitting! I am going to stick with this! And I have a wonderful little project to share hopefully tomorrow!!!! I cannot describe how excited I am 😁

Mrs. Smith 💙

Vanity Bench Re-do!

This is my very first furniture re-do project and I cannot describe how proud I am of myself! (Mostly because I didn’t only finish part of it and then leave it sitting around my house for years…like a lot of my crocheting project…this drives Mr. Smith crazy!) So here it is!

I found this vanity table on Craigslist for $75. Currently, we are renting my sister-in-law’s old house until we find one to buy. This is a rather old house and therefore the bathrooms have little more than a sink and a few drawers! There is not an inch of extra counter space! So I decided I desperately needed it. We picked it up and I realized it was a little more beat up than I realized. For about two weeks I flip flopped between wanting to refinish and stain it and wanting to paint it white. Eventually the light feminine side won over! I was happy to discover we already had some white paint in the basement. After sanding (by hand because Baby A is terrified of the power sander) for what seemed like days I gave it about 5 coats of paint and a coat of Krylon’s clear glaze.

I then bought a window panel at Goodwill for $1 cut it in half and (with the help of my incredibly talented grandmother) used one half to cover the bench and the other to make a matching window valance! I love it and am excited/terrified to start on the vanity table itself…it’s a monster of a piece…






First Creative Post! (Crochet Basket)


Hi again! So in order to get things rolling I decided to post my first “Make Something Monday” post. This morning I got up early and decided to get my cleaning done so I could spend my free time working on a project. Unfortunately my mind was stuck on a bin full of old shirts that Mr. Smith has decided to dispose of and what I could do with all of the tarn (t-shirt yarn) that I could get out of them! I went through the bin and decided that some were too nice to cut up so I will be taking those to Uptown Cheapskate soon. However there were quite a few old white undershirts and a few blue ones that he used to wear to work. These, I decided, were perfect for cutting! I promptly took them downstairs and cut them into tarn. If you don’t know how to do this, it’s very simple! If you search “how to cut continuous t shirt yarn” there are tons of tutorials and videos. I then found a pattern for a crochet basket using tarn on the blog “Crochet in Color”. I modified it a little because I only needed one handle. I will be hanging it behind the door to my basement so I can put Baby A’s dirty bibs in there instead of running down to the washer in the basement or upstairs to the laundry basket every time. This way I also won’t be leaving dirty bibs all over the house!


Hey! I’m Mrs. Smith and I’m married to Mr. Smith (go figure!) the most handsome, caring, and thoughtful person I know! We have a beautiful 7 month old daughter and our two furry babies (aka dogs) Sam and Chip. As a young, new stay at home mom I sometimes find it hard to balance my passion for creating thing and tending to my housewife responsibilities. This blog is intended to help hold me accountable and help me accomplish my projects. Hopefully along the way I will learn some new things!