First Creative Post! (Crochet Basket)


Hi again! So in order to get things rolling I decided to post my first “Make Something Monday” post. This morning I got up early and decided to get my cleaning done so I could spend my free time working on a project. Unfortunately my mind was stuck on a bin full of old shirts that Mr. Smith has decided to dispose of and what I could do with all of the tarn (t-shirt yarn) that I could get out of them! I went through the bin and decided that some were too nice to cut up so I will be taking those to Uptown Cheapskate soon. However there were quite a few old white undershirts and a few blue ones that he used to wear to work. These, I decided, were perfect for cutting! I promptly took them downstairs and cut them into tarn. If you don’t know how to do this, it’s very simple! If you search “how to cut continuous t shirt yarn” there are tons of tutorials and videos. I then found a pattern for a crochet basket using tarn on the blog “Crochet in Color”. I modified it a little because I only needed one handle. I will be hanging it behind the door to my basement so I can put Baby A’s dirty bibs in there instead of running down to the washer in the basement or upstairs to the laundry basket every time. This way I also won’t be leaving dirty bibs all over the house!


4 thoughts on “First Creative Post! (Crochet Basket)

  1. I love this! Do you have a link to the pattern? I’d love to have it to keep on file for future use! I found your blog on Show Me What You Got link party. 🙂 Jessica

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