Vanity Bench Re-do!

This is my very first furniture re-do project and I cannot describe how proud I am of myself! (Mostly because I didn’t only finish part of it and then leave it sitting around my house for years…like a lot of my crocheting project…this drives Mr. Smith crazy!) So here it is!

I found this vanity table on Craigslist for $75. Currently, we are renting my sister-in-law’s old house until we find one to buy. This is a rather old house and therefore the bathrooms have little more than a sink and a few drawers! There is not an inch of extra counter space! So I decided I desperately needed it. We picked it up and I realized it was a little more beat up than I realized. For about two weeks I flip flopped between wanting to refinish and stain it and wanting to paint it white. Eventually the light feminine side won over! I was happy to discover we already had some white paint in the basement. After sanding (by hand because Baby A is terrified of the power sander) for what seemed like days I gave it about 5 coats of paint and a coat of Krylon’s clear glaze.

I then bought a window panel at Goodwill for $1 cut it in half and (with the help of my incredibly talented grandmother) used one half to cover the bench and the other to make a matching window valance! I love it and am excited/terrified to start on the vanity table itself…it’s a monster of a piece…







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